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Organized. Effective. Simple

Throw away those old pagers, page your guests directly to their phone via text message.

Facilitate the hustle of a busy day

Simple Pager

  • Keep guests on waitlist organized

  • Reservations are easily maintained

  • Send custom messages and reminders

  • Have preset messages for speed

Old Restaurant Pagers

  • Theft

  • Battery depletion

  • Price

  • Quantity of pagers to accommodate every party

  • Unreliable at a distance


Keep an eye on both reservations and waitlist on one screen

Notifications to remind you of upcoming reservations

Easily keep track of which guest is next to be seated

An average wait time is calculated to relay to your guests

Send reservation confirmations and reminders


Add notes of guests preferences

Quickly use preset messages to page guests

Easily view party size, wait time, and phone number

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